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My Family
My Family
My niece Bailey I call her my little mini me
My niece Bailey [I call her my little "mini me"]
Me ~ Bethany Ann Richter
This is me  Bethany Ann Richter aka Beth Bethy or even Bethy Crocker  the Hometown Girl Welcome to my blog
This is me ~ Bethany Ann Richter, a.k.a Beth, Bethy, or even Bethy Crocker ~ the Hometown Girl. Welcome to my blog.
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Goodbye 2015 ~ Hello 2016

Here we are ... the first day of another new year. I, personally don't make "resolutions" per se because I tend to not keep them. However, I do usually write down a few things that I will TRY to accomplish during the course of the year. It's much easier to try something and if I don't ... More>
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by Beth Richter

It's Christmastime!!

Here we are once again, just 4 days away from Christmas and 3 days from Christmas Eve. I am proud to say that most all of my shopping is actually done this year ~ I only have one gift left to buy. Wrapping? That's a whole different story. But thanks to my Mom's help and the aid of gift bags ... More>

by Beth Richter

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July – perhaps one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. People have picnics and barbecues with their families, they go to the lake cabins and spend the weekend [or a day or two, depending on the day of the week that the holiday happens to fall on] fishing and swimming and ... More>

Valentine's Day

I remember when we were kids. We got all excited when it was time for Valentine’s Day. We got to decorate a box for our valentines. The really cool boxes opened up like mailboxes or looked like “boom boxes”. Mine was usually just a shoebox with hearts on it wrapped in red and pink paper, but it ... More>
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"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

There is only one me in this world and that is ME! Love me or hate me, but don't try to change me because I am who I am, and if you don't like me for me, then you don't need to be in my life.